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Title: Two childhoods, two neighborhoods, and one city : utopias and dystopias in Brasilia
Authors: Marques, Rafaela Nunes
Müeller, Fernanda
Kanegae, Mayume Melo
Morgade, Marta
Assunto:: Brasília (DF)
Desigualdade social
Issue Date: 1-Jun-2020
Citation: MARQUES, Rafaela Nunes et al. Two childhoods, two neighborhoods, and one city: utopias and dystopias in Brasilia. Children's Geographies, 2020. DOI: Disponível em:
Abstract: This article explores the experiences of two children in two neighborhoods of Brasilia: the model superblock and the Vila do Boa. We accompanied the children on narrated walks along routes in their neighborhoods that were filmed and georeferenced. Analyses of the route and the children’s narratives enabled us to identify their relationships with places, people, and urban equipment. We then contrasted those relationships with notions of utopia/dystopia present in the system of oppositions created between Brasilia’s Pilot Plan and its satellite cities. An urban sensory ethnography enabled the identification of the similarities, differences, and particularities of each context. Along their routes, the two children presented narratives related as much to utopia as to dystopia. In this perspective, utopia and dystopia are part of the same system. They are not necessarily in opposition; instead, they are amalgamated and compiled through the different meanings the children give to their contexts and relations.
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