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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
9-Nov-2018-Assessment of nutrient and food group intakes across sex, physical activity, and body mass index in an urban Brazilian populationSousa, Alessandra Gaspar; Costa, Teresa Helena Macedo da--
2-Feb-20157-Jul-2014Consumo usual de café no BrasilSousa, Alessandra GasparCosta, Teresa Helena Macedo daSilva, Eduardo Freitas da
Jul-2016-Personal characteristics of coffee consumers and non-consumers, reasons and preferences for foods eaten with coffee among adults from the Federal District, BrazilSousa, Alessandra Gaspar; Machado, Liliane Maria Messias; Silva, Eduardo Freitas da; Costa, Teresa Helena Macedo da--