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Title: Techno-economic evolution of soybean production in Brazil and Argentina
Authors: Pereira, Beatriz M.
Brisola, Marlon Vinicius
Assunto:: Agronegócio
sementes - produção
Issue Date: 15-Jul-2022
Publisher: Canadian Center of Science and Education
Citation: PEREIRA, Beatriz M.; BRISOLA, Marlon V. Techno-economic evolution of soybean production in Brazil and Argentina. Journal of Agricultural Science, v. 14, n. 8, 2022. DOI: Disponível em: Acesso em: 10 ago. 2022.
Abstract: Brazil and Argentina, respectively the second and third largest producers of soybean in the world, consider this oilseed one of the most important products in their economy, whose significance is easily perceived in their commercial balance because, in addition to income generation, this product is also responsible for the creation of several jobs. Based on such a perspective, our research aim is to present the historical evolution of production costs and technological parameters (productivity) of soybean considering the most productive territories in Brazil and Argentina over 20 years. Our findings indicate that technology was the main relevant factor in the Brazilian case and, in Argentina, production cost. We also emphasize the great impact of exchange rates and market factors on the cases analyzed.
Licença:: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution license (
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