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Title: Charge transport mechanism in chevron-graphene nanoribbons
Authors: Pereira Júnior, Marcelo Lopes
Cunha, Wiliam Ferreira da
Sousa Junior, Rafael Timóteo de
Giozza, William Ferreira
Silva, Geraldo Magela e
Ribeiro Júnior, Luiz Antônio
Assunto:: Nanofitas
Condutividade elétrica
Materiais bidimensionais
Issue Date: 24-Sep-2020
Publisher: ACS Publications
Citation: PEREIRA JÚNIOR, Marcelo Lopes et al. Charge transport mechanism in chevron-graphene nanoribbons. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, v. 124,n. 41, p. 22392−22398, 24 set. 2020. DOI:
Abstract: From the moment atomic precision control of the growth process of graphene was achieved, more elaborated carbon allotropes were proposed opening new channels for flat optoelectronics at the nanoscale. A special type of this material presenting a V-shape (or “kinked” pattern) was recently synthesized and named chevron-graphene nanoribbons (C-GNRs). To realize the reach of C-GNRs in developing new applications, the formation and transport of charge carriers in their lattices should be primarily understood. Here, we investigate the static and dynamical properties of quasiparticles in C-GNRs. We study the effects of electron–phonon coupling and doping on the system. We also determine the kind of charge carriers present in C-GNR. Two distinct physical pictures for the charge transport were obtained: a delocalized regime of conduction and a regime mediated by charge carriers. These transport regimes are highly dependent on the doping concentration. Importantly, similarities in charge carrier terminal velocities were observed among C-GNRs and standard armchair graphene nanoribbons, which originate from their comparable charge localization profiles that yield quasiparticles with equivalent effective masses.
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