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Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 51
Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
2019-Non-dissipative system as limit of a dissipative one : comparison of the asymptotic regimesSilva, Ricardo Parreira da--
2022-On some series of a group related to the non-abelian tensor square of groupsBastos Júnior, Raimundo de Araújo; Oliveira, Ricardo Nunes de; Monetta, C.; Rocco, N. R.--
4-Jan-2021-Subgroups of pro-p PD3-groupsCastellano, Ilaria; Zalesski, Pavel--
15-Dec-2021-Nil restricted Lie algebras of oscillating intermediate growthPetrogradsky, Victor--
2022-The order of the product of two elements in the periodic groupsAmiri, Mohsen; Lima, Igor dos Santos--
2021-Finiteness conditions for the box-tensor product of groups and related constructionsBastos, Raimundo; Nakaoka, I. N.; Rocco, N. R.--
2022-Hyperbolic 3-manifold groups are subgroup into conjugacy separableChagas, S. C.; Zalesskii, Pavel--
27-Jan-2022-Stability of plane-parallel flow of magnetic fluids under external magnetic fieldsPaz, Pavel Zenon Sejas; Cunha, Francisco Ricardo da; Sobral, Yuri Dumaresq--
2022-Bifurcation analysis for a modified quasilinear equation with negative exponentSiyu Chen; Santos, Carlos Alberto Pereira dos; Minbo Yang; Jiazheng Zhou--
2021-Subgroup separability of Artin groupsAlmeida, Kisnney; Lima, Igor dos Santos--
Apr-2021-Genus, thickness and crossing number of graphs encoding the generating properties of finite groupsAcciarri, Cristina; Lucchini, Andrea--
2021-On finiteness of some verbal subgroups in profinite groupsAzevedo, João; Shumyatsky, Pavel--
2020-Non-standard bifurcation approach to nonlinear elliptic problemsCintra, W.; Morales-Rodrigo, C.; Suárez, A.--
2021-Coexistence states of a Holling type II predator-prey system with self and cross-diffusion termsSilva, Willian Cintra da; Santos, Carlos Alberto Pereira dos; Jiazheng Zhou--
7-Jan-2022-Profinite groups with restricted centralizers of π-elementsAcciarri, Cristina; Shumyatsky, Pavel--
24-Dec-2021-On profinite groups with automorphisms whose fixed points have countable Engel sinksKhukhro, Evgeny I.; Shumyatsky, Pavel--
2021-Stochastic n-point D-bifurcations of stochastic Lévy flows and their complexity on finite spacesCosta, Paulo Henrique Pereira da; Högele, Michael A.; Ruffino, Paulo R.--
2021-Virtually nilpotent groups with finitely many orbits under automorphismsBastos, Raimundo; Dantas, Alex Carrazedo; Melo, Emerson Ferreira de--
Jul-2021-On two-generator Fibonacci numerical semigroups with a prescribed genusSouza, Matheus Bernardini de; Ferreira, Diego Marques; Trojovský, Pavel--
15-Jul-2020-Quasilinear equations involving critical exponent and concave nonlinearity at the originFigueiredo, Giovany de Jesus Malcher; Ruviaro, Ricardo; Oliveira Júnior, José Carlos de--
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 51