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Title: On two-generator Fibonacci numerical semigroups with a prescribed genus
Authors: Souza, Matheus Bernardini de
Ferreira, Diego Marques
Trojovský, Pavel
Assunto:: Semigrupos numéricos
Números de Fibonacci
Issue Date: Jul-2021
Publisher: Springer Nature
Citation: BERNADINI, Matheus; MARQUES, Diego; TROJOVSKÝ, Pavel. On two-generator Fibonacci numerical semigroups with a prescribed genus. Revista de la Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales. Serie A. Matemáticas, v. 115, n. 3, 149, jul. 2021. DOI:
Abstract: A numerical semigroup S is a subset of the set of nonnegative integers closed under addition, containing the zero element and with finite complement in N0 (this finite cardinality is named the genus of S). It is well-known that every numerical semigroup S is finitely generated and there are many works concerning the properties of numerical semigroups with a particular type of generators. For instance, Song (Bull Korean Math Soc 57:623–647, 2020) worked on these semigroups whose generators are Thabit numbers of the first, second kind base b and Cunningham numbers. A classical result of Sylvester ensures that if gcd(a,b)=1, then the numerical semigroup ⟨a,b⟩ has genus (a−1)(b−1)2. In this paper, we search for two-generator numerical semigroups whose generators and/or the genus are related to Fibonacci numbers. Our propose is fixing the sets A, B and G and looking for triples (a,b,g)∈A×B×G, where at least one of the sets is related to the Fibonacci numbers.
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