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Title: New genus of trichomatous coelomycete on Myrcia fenzliana from the Brazilian Cerrado
Authors: Santos, Maria do Desterro Mendes dos
Guterres, Debora Cervieri
Sepúlveda-Chavera, German F.
Souza, Erica Santos do Carmo
Carvalho, Rita de Cassia Pereira
Pinho, Danilo Batista
Dianese, José Carmine
Assunto:: Ascomicetos
Cerrados - Brasil
Issue Date: 17-Dec-2020
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Citation: SANTOS, Maria do Desterro Mendes dos et al. New genus of trichomatous coelomycete on Myrcia fenzliana from the Brazilian Cerrado. Mycologia, v. 113, n. 1, 2021. DOI:
Abstract: Megacoelomyces (type species: Megacoelomyces sanchezii), an ascomycete asexual morph infecting Myrcia fenzliana (Myrtaceae) from the Brazilian Cerrado, is described as a new genus in the Phaeosphaeriaceae (Pleosporales, Dothideomycetes, Ascomycota), based on multilocus phylogeny (three nuclear ribosomal DNA and two protein-coding genes) in addition to morphological (light and scanning electron microscopy) and ecological data.
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