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Title: When the old becomes the new : how COVID-19 changed potentially creative action on Facebook
Authors: Formiga Sobrinho, Asdrúbal Borges
Assunto:: Criatividade
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: FORMIGA SOBRINHO, Asdrúbal Borges. When the old becomes the new: how COVID-19 changed potentially creative action on Facebook. Creativity: Theories - Research - Applications, v. 7, n. 2, p. 344-370, 2020.
Abstract: Psychology usually treats the creative act as both novel and adapted, a definition that can embrace the social and the cultural features of creativity. Allied to the need for social bonding and the promise of self-realization, available techno- logical resources have enabled valuable social networks. However, social isolation caused by the COVID-19 crisis has reduced outdoor and collective personal experiences usually shared on Facebook, encouraging some users to re-publish past events. Considering that posting is potentially a creative act, hence both new and adapted, may this action now equally become old and adapted? To illustrate the question, a set of 293 posts made by twelve Brazilians with mean age of 49.7 years (SD 7.34) were collected from May 25th to June 8th, 51 of them being re-posts. The authors were inter- viewed about their use of Facebook, relation to others, and first re-posts published in the period. Thematic dialogical analysis was applied to the content of the interviews and led to finding new meanings about old posts. Despite a small sample (n = 12) and the fact that 56.1% of Facebook users in Brazil are under 35 years old, the analysis of the phenom- enon can shed new light on problematization of the notion of creativity by reflecting on its role in regulation of human emo- tions during the COVID-19 crisis, through the action of post- ing legacy experience on Facebook.
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