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Title: Structural dynamic response of the coupling between transmission lines and tower under random excitation
Authors: Fernandes, Yanne Marcela Soares
Machado, Marcela Rodrigues
Dutkiewicz, Maciej
Assunto:: Energia elétrica - transmissão
Método do Elemento Espectral
Análise espectral
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: FERNANDES, Yanne Marcela Soares; MACHADO, Marcela Rodrigues; DUTKIEWICZ, Maciej. Structural dynamic response of the coupling between transmission lines and tower under random excitation. In: INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS THEORY AND APPLICATIONS (DSTA), 15., 2019, Polônia.
Abstract: This paper aims to present a model of an air power transmission line with the Spectral Element Method (SEM) to overcome the current limits of dynamic analysis at medium and high frequencies. The numerical analysis performed through the computational implementation investigates the natu- ral frequency and compares with the results obtained by the Finite Element Method (FEM). Since SEM is an exact method of solution, there is no need for discrete continuous elements, which means processing with little time. The vibration responses obtained by SEM and SEM are presented and compared. It was also developed from the system random wind load model to the SEM model. The main objective of the study was satisfactorily achieved because the SEM model presented frequencies close to the MEF.
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