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Title: Helium-6-Lambda-Lambda and Be-10-Lambda-Lambda hypernuclei calculations with realistic interactions
Authors: Portilho, Oyanarte
Assunto:: Hipernúcleos
Issue Date: Dec-2003
Publisher: Sociedade Brasileira de Física
Citation: PORTILHO, O. Helium-6-Lambda-Lambda and Be-10-Lambda-Lambda hypernuclei calculations with realistic interactions. Brazilian Journal of Physics, São Paulo, v. 33, n. 4, p. 840-847, dez. 2003. DOI: Disponível em: Acesso em: 21 out. 2020.
Abstract: We study the He and Be hypernuclei in the three- and four-body models, respectively, employing harmonic oscillator bases and presently most realistic a-a, a-L and L-L interactions. In order to improve convergence we use correlation functions in the case of Be. Comparison is made with results obtained using similar interactions and other methods, and it is performed an analysis concerning the possibility of a unified description of both hypernuclei.
Licença:: Brazilian Journal of Physics - (CC BY NC) - Todo o conteúdo deste periódico, exceto onde indicado de outra forma, está licenciado sob uma Licença de Atribuição Creative Commons. Fonte: Acesso em: 21 out. 2020.
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