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Title: A controversy in Folha de S. Paulo : critical discourse reflections on the representation of homelessness and the coloniality of being
Authors: Resende, Viviane de Melo
Assunto:: Análise crítica do discurso
Pessoas desabrigadas
Jornalismo eletrônico
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Sage Journals
Citation: RESENDE, Viviane de Melo. A controversy in Folha de S. Paulo: critical discourse reflections on the representation of homelessness and the coloniality of being. Discourse & Society, v. 31, n. 6, p. 584-606, 2020. DOI: Disponível em:
Abstract: In this article, I present some results of a project that, in the context of critical discourse studies and the interdiscursive analysis of public policies, focused on representations of online journalism regarding public policies aimed at the homeless population. The research project ‘Representations of public policies for the homeless population as territory management: spatial metaphors in Folha de S. Paulo’ was developed at the Pompeu Fabra University, Spain, throughout 2018 (supported by CAPES 88881.172032/2018-01). Using as a reference one of the leading newspaper of the city of São Paulo, Folha de Sao Paulo in its digital platform, I have compiled a comprehensive corpus of news about homelessness published during 3 years. Besides the panoramic analyses of the corpus, the article analyses more closely four texts that address each other in a sequence, a polemic concerning law and rights. These texts, published during 2 weeks, emerged from the corpus 105 texts on public policies directed to the homeless population, analyzed through a QDA software, focusing on patterns of metaphorical representation of public policies addressed to the homeless population.
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