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Title: The influence of matrix technology on the subdivision of sustained release matrix tablets
Authors: Teixeira, Maíra Teles
Sa-Barreto, Livia Lira
Taveira, Stephânia F.
Gratieri, Taís
Gelfuso, Guilherme Martins
Marreto, Ricardo N.
Silva, Izabel C.
Cunha Filho, Marcílio Sérgio Soares da
Assunto:: Medicamentos fracionados
Tecnologia farmacêutica
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2019
Publisher: Springer Nature
Citation: TEIXEIRA, Maíra T. et al. The influence of matrix technology on the subdivision of sustained release matrix tablets. AAPS PharmSciTech, v. 21, 8, 2020. Disponível em:
Abstract: The subdivision of sustained release tablets is a controversial issue, especially concerning its impact on dissolution profiles. The purpose of this study was to elucidate the behavior upon subdivision of this class of tablets. For this, three common sustained release matrices containing different technologies were selected, e.g., a tablet comprised of a multiple-unit particulate system (MUPS), a lipid matrix tablet, and a polymeric inert matrix tablet. These tablets were studied concerning their physicochemical performance, dissolution rate, and kinetic profile before and after their subdivision. When subdivision occurred in the scoreline, mass variation and mass loss were below the mean values described in the literature. The dissolution of tablets with inert matrices and some lipid tablets that had their matrices preserved along the dissolution was influenced directly by tablet surface area, which increased after the subdivision. Such a result implies possible clinical consequences, especially in the case of drugs with a narrow therapeutic window, such as clomipramine. Conversely, the subdivision of MUPS tablets did not interfere in the dissolution profile since the drug was released from the granules that resulted from tablet disintegration. Hence, MUPS technology is the most recommended to produce sustained release matrix tablets intended for dose adjustment upon subdivision.
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