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Title: Between attack and resilience : the ongoing institutionalization of independent digital journalism in Brazil
Authors: Ganter, Sarah Anne
Paulino, Fernando Oliveira
Assunto:: Jornalismo eletrônico
Democratização da mídia
Issue Date: 18-May-2020
Publisher: Routledge - Taylor & Francis Group
Citation: GANTER, Sarah Anne; PAULINO, Fernando Oliveira. Between attack and resilience: the ongoing institutionalization of independent digital journalism in Brazil. Digital Journalism, 18 maio 2020. DOI: Disponível em:
Abstract: Digital journalism in Brazil is dominated by a few big players and has recently been threatened by the country’s challenging political and economic environment. Still, organizational structures promoting independent digital journalism (IDJ) persist. Originally understood as “the blogosphere,” independent digital journalism in Brazil (IDJB) quickly evolved into several professionalized initiatives and now consists of dozens of news organizations. This article contributes to the field by (a) adding to scholarly conceptualizations of independent journalism in North America, Europe, and Latin America through the idea of “positive dependence” and (b) refining the understanding of IDJ in times of acute crisis. Based on an analysis of six emblematic cases, we show that IDJB is relational and distinct and that it functions without clearly defined boundaries. We further find that this relationality is necessary for IDJB to survive the attacks it faces. Different support networks shape “models of resilience” that, while not perfect, facilitate the institutionalization of IDJB by allowing for the slow but ongoing creation of new structures within the news ecosystem. Thus, the findings of this study suggest that the continuing institutionalization of IDJB and its particular characteristics contributes to the creation of a more diverse news ecosystem.
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