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Title: The ideological basis of conservative populism : the Brazilian 2018 elections
Authors: Rennó Junior, Lucio Remuzat
Assunto:: Eleições - Brasil
Ciência política
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: RENNO JÚNIOR, Lucio Remuzat. The ideological basis of conservative populism: the Brazilian 2018 elections. 2019.
Abstract: The 2018 Brazilian elections saw the rise to power of Jair Bolsonaro, a right-wing extremist that relied heavily in populist rhetoric and strategy. He is just another example of a conservative populist who took the world by surprise in the last few years, begging the question of what the ideological underpinnings of vote for populist conservatism are. This paper uses a unique public opinion dataset, the 2018 Brazilian Electoral Panel Study, to extensively explore how positions on divisive issues regarding social, economic and cultural factors influenced vote choice and Bolsonarismo – affection towards Bolsonaro suppporters – in the 2018 Brazilian presidential elections. It is the first study to explore the basis of conservatism in recent Latin American elections. It also includes a wealth of items on issues, allowing for a more detailed characterization of conservative ideological preferences. Results indicate that a cultural backlash perspective (Inglehart and Norris 2016), views on law and order and harsh punishment to crime, as well as economic liberalism, are the pillars of support for right-wing populism in Brazil. The Brazilian case details and reinforces patterns found elsewhere in the world about the ideological foundations of right-wing populism/extremism. In addition, findings point out to a well-defined, consistent right-wing voter in the Brazilian electorate, a somewhat missed piece of the puzzle in prior research on voting in the region.
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