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Title: Cell biology analogies in Brazilian biology textbooks : a teaching guide based on FAR model
Authors: Oliveira, Iago Taveira
Araujo, Carla Maria Medeiros y
Guimarães, Zara Faria Sobrinha
Assunto:: Ambiente de sala de aula - discurso
Ensino superior
Biologia - estudo e ensino
Issue Date: Aug-2019
Citation: OLIVEIRA, Iago; ARAUJO, Carla Maria Medeiros y; GUIMARAES, Zara. Cell biology analogies in Brazilian biology textbooks: a teaching guide based on FAR model. In: ESERA CONFERENCE, 13.,2019, Bologna, Itália.
Abstract: From a well-established model for the use of analogies in science teaching (Focus, Action, Reflection – FAR Guide) this research aimed to develop a teacher support resource (teacher guide) based on the four most frequent cell analogies in Brazilian biology textbooks which were: DNA as a spiral staircase, complex substrate enzyme as a key and lock, ATP as currency and mitochondria as a power plant. This teacher guide was evaluated by pre-service biology teachers from a Brazilian public university. Perceptions and recommendations were collected by questionnaires, participant speeches’ recording and a field notebook. Students’ responses were tabulated and analyzed, and these results were evaluated for a current version of the teacher guide. The comprehension of the content was perceptible by the majority of participants, however some of them showed doubts about analogies’ limits. FAR Guide was considered a good way to plan use of analogies to a cell biology class and a viable didactic resource to be used in the Brazilian educational context.
Licença:: Autorização concedida a Biblioteca Central da Universidade de Brasília pela Professora Carla Maria Medeiros y Araujo, em 20 de fevereiro de 2020, para disponibilizar a obra, gratuitamente, para fins acadêmicos e não comerciais (leitura, impressão e/ou download) a partir desta data. A obra continua protegida por Direito Autoral e/ou por outras leis aplicáveis. Qualquer uso da obra que não o autorizado sob esta licença ou pela legislação autoral é proibido.
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