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Title: Combustion instability for hybrid rocket motors with a diaphragm
Authors: Lee, Jungpyo
Rhee, Sunjae
Kim, Jinkon
Moon, Heejang
Shynkarenko, Olexiy
Simone, Domenico
Morita, Takakazu
Assunto:: Motores de foguetes
Câmaras de combustão
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: EUCASS association
Citation: LEE, Jungpyo et al. Combustion instability for hybrid rocket motors with a diaphragm. In: EUROPEAN CONFERENCE FOR AERONAUTICS AND SPACE SCIENCES, 8., 2019, Madrid. Proceedings [...]. Madrid: EUCASS association, 2019. DOI: 10.13009/EUCASS2019-462. Disponível em:[0]=doc_indexer&start=240. Acesso em: 02 dez. 2019.
Abstract: A diaphragm has been used to enhance fuel regression rate and combustion efficiency in hybrid rockets. On the other hand, it has been observed that significant pressure oscillations occurred. In this paper, main factor on the excitation of the instability was studied. Lab-scale firing tests considering the various experimental conditions, such as the diaphragm location and diameter, were conducted, and combustion visualization tests were performed to confirm the instability mechanism. The excitation source of the pressure oscillations was the edge-tone instability. Finally, a new grain which had high regression rate and also was stable combustion was proposed.
DOI: 10.13009/EUCASS2019-462
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