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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
2011-Environmental effects of hydropower reservoirs on wild mammals and freshwater turtles in Amazonia : a reviewAlho, Cleber José Rodrigues--
1987-Habitats, population densities, and social structure of capybaras (Hydrochaeris Hydrochaeris, Rodentia) in the Pantanal, BrazilAlho, Cleber José Rodrigues; Rondon, Nelson L.--
Apr-2011-Terrestrial and aquatic mammals of the PantanalAlho, Cleber José Rodrigues; Camargo, G.; Fischer, E.--
Nov-2008-Biodiversity of the Pantanal : response to seasonal flooding regime and to environmental de gradationAlho, Cleber José Rodrigues--
Apr-2011-Concluding remarks : overall impacts on biodiversity and future perspectives for conservation in the Pantanal biomeAlho, Cleber José Rodrigues--
Apr-2011-Riqueza de espécies de morcegos no Pantanal e no planalto em seu entornoAlho, Cleber José Rodrigues; Fisher, E.; Oliveira, L. F.; Santos, C. F.--
Apr-2011-Uma agenda de conservação para a biodiversidade do PantanalAlho, Cleber José Rodrigues; Sabino, José--
2012-Seasonal pantanal flood pulse : implications for biodiversity conservation – a reviewAlho, Cleber José Rodrigues; Sabino, José--
Nov-2011-Translocation and radiotelemetry monitoring of black-tailed marmosets, Callithrix (Mico) melanura (É. Geoffroy in Humboldt), in a wildlife rescue operation in BrazilMarques, Ana Alice Biedzicki de; Schneider, Maurício; Alho, Cleber José Rodrigues--
2012-Effects of severe floods and droughts on wildlife of the Pantanal wetland (Brazil) - a reviewAlho, Cleber José Rodrigues; Silva, João S. V.--