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Title: Composição e caracterização da fauna de mamíferos do Parque Nacional das Emas, Goiás, Brasil
Composition and characterization of the mammal fauna of Emas National Park, Goiás, Brasil
Authors: Rodrigues, Flávio H.G.
Silveira, Leandro
Jácomo, Anah T.A.
Carmignotto, Ana Paula
Bezerra, Alexandra M.R.
Coelho, Daniela Cunha
Garbogini, Hamilton
Pagnozzi, Juliana
Hass, Adriani
Assunto:: Cerrado
mammalian survey
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Sociedade Brasileira de Zoologia
Citation: Rev. Bras. Zool.,v.19,n.2,p.589-600,2002
Abstract: Emas National Park is a very importam Conservation Unit in the Cerrado Biome. Nevertheless the fauna of this region is still poorly known. In this study, a revised list of the mammal fauna of the Emas National Park with comments about the composition and the number of species surveyed is presented. Eighty six species of mammals were recorded in the Park and neighboring area, including several rare and threatened species, like the bush dog (Speothos venaticus (Lund, 1842)), Marsh deer (Blastocerus dichotomus (Illiger, 1815)) and others. The giant rat (Kunsia tomentosus (Lichtenstein, 1830)) was recorded for the first time in a conservation unit. On the other hand, species usually very common in the Cerrado biome, don't occur in Emas National Park: the brazilian rabbit (Sylvilagus brasiliensis (Linnaeus, 1758)), marmosets (Callithrix spp.), and the punaré (Thrichomys apereoides (Lund, 1841)).
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