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Title: Strategic knowledge management : a conceptual framework
Authors: Miranda, Roberto Campos da Rocha
Costa, Sely Maria de Souza
Assunto:: Gestão do conhecimento estratégico
Gestão do conhecimento estratégico - modelo conceitual
Issue Date: 2005
Citation: MIRANDA, Roberto Campos da Rocha; COSTA, S. M. S. Strategic Knowledge Management: a conceptual framework. In: International Conference on Knowledge Management (ICKM 2005), 2005, North Carolina - EUA. Proceedings… New Jersey: World Cientific, 2005. v. 1. p. 417-427.
Abstract: A conceptual model of Strategic Knowledge: Management (SKM) is presented as the main result of a research concluded in 2004, which aimed to develop a conceptual mode! of SKM. Thus, this paper, complete its model and establish the difference between Strategic Knowledge Management (SKM) and Knowledge Strategic Management (KSM). Using the inductive and deductive methods simultaneously, the methodology consisted of integrating general models of knowledge management with different strategic perspectives. Results seem to indicate a new topic of study in the organizational context, bringing together Business, Information Science and Psychology. In this regard, the model built up comprises three basic parts, namely: management features, kinds of knowledge and strategic issues. The research results point out the difference between SKM and KSM, based on its essence.
Licença:: Autorização concedida ao Repositório Institucional da UnB pelo autor, com as seguintes condições: disponível sob Licença Creative Commons 4.0, que permite copiar, distribuir e transmitir o trabalho, desde que seja citado o autor e licenciante. Não permite o uso para fins comerciais nem a adaptação desta.
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