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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
21-Aug-2020-Multilateralismo, ordem mundial e Covid-19 : questões atuais e desafios futuros para a OMSAlmeida, Celia; Campos, Rodrigo Pires de--
2019-Antarctica and ABNJ in the anthropocene : challenges to the sustainable management of marine genetic resources?Platiau, Ana Flávia Barros; Gonçalves, Leandra Regina--
2019-Women’s scientific participation in political science and international relations in BrazilMendes, Marcos Vinícius Isaias; Figueira, Ariane Cristine Roder--
Sep-2019-Economic globalization in the global post-crisis of 2008 : limits and deadlocksManzi, Rafael Henrique Dias--
Mar-2019-Reviewing perspectives on third-party impacts of mega-regional trade agreements : implications for BrazilSondergaard, Niels--
2019-Policy networks in global environmental governance : connecting the blue amazon to Antarctica and the Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ) agendasPlatiau, Ana Flávia Barros; Sondergaard, Niels; Prantl, Jochen--
2019-South-South relations and global environmental governance : Brazilian international development cooperationHochstetler, Kathryn; Inoue, Cristina Yumie Aoki--
2019-Myths and images in global climate governance, conceptualization and the case of Brazil (1989 - 2019)Franchini, Matías Alejandro; Viola, Eduardo--
2019-Chinese cultural diplomacy : instruments in China’s strategy for international insertion in the 21st centuryBecard, Danielly Silva Ramos; Menechelli Filho, Paulo--
2019-Japan : a nuclear state?Oliveira, Henrique Altemani de--
2018-The deposition of Paraguayan president Fernando Lugo and its repercussions in South American regional organizationsJatobá, Daniel; Luciano, Bruno Theodoro--
2018-Cultural paradiplomacy institutions and agendaMarié, Solène--
2018-Modern monoculture and periphery processes : a world systems analysis of the Brazilian soy expansion from 2000-2012Soendergaard, Niels--
2018-The role of institutional-legal capacity and power in explaining the performance of developing countries in WTO disputes against the G2Carvalho, Maria Izabel Valladão de; Canesin, Carlos Henrique--
2018-Is it the end of North-American hegemony? : a structuralist perspective on Arrighi’s systemic cycles of accumulation and the theory of hegemonic stabilityMendes, Marcos Vinícius Isaias--
Jul-2013-Desafios para a ascensão chinesa no Sistema Internacional de Hegemonia das Democracias de MercadoViola, Eduardo; Lima, Jean--
Mar-1984-Integração na América LatinaAleixo, José Carlos Brandi--
Oct-2011-Os fóruns de alto nível da organização para a cooperação e o desenvolvimento econômico (OCDE) : limites e perspectivas da posição brasileira na agenda sobre efetividade da ajuda internacionalCampos, Rodrigo Pires de; Lima, João Brígido Bezerra; Lopes, Luara Landulpho Alves--
Oct-2012-O regime internacional de mudança climática e o BrasilViola, Eduardo--
Jun-2010-International negotiations : a possible concept, efficacy and efficiency in the processManzur, Tânia Maria Pechir Gomes--
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 152