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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
Dec-1998-Electric double layered magnetic fluids based on spinel ferrite nanostructuresTourinho, Francisco Augusto; Depeyrot, Jérôme; Silva, Geraldo José da; Lara, Maria Cristina Figueiredo Lima e--
2010-Exchange bias properties and surface spins freezing in ferrite nanoparticles of magnetic nanocolloidsSilva, Franciscarlos Gomes; Aquino, Renata; Dupuis, Vicent; Depeyrot, Jérôme; Tourinho, Francisco Augusto; Perzynski, Régine--
2002-Lyotropic ferronematic liquid crystals based on new Ni, Cu and Zn ionic magnetic fluidsSouza, Marcelo Henrique; Tourinho, Francisco Augusto; Matuo, Celso Yuji; Depeyrot, Jérôme; Figueiredo Neto, Antonio Martins--
Jan-2007-Nonlinear optical properties of ionic magnetic colloids in the femto- and millisecond time scales : change from convergent-to-divergent lens-type behaviorsSoga, Diogo; Alves, Sarah; Campos, Alex Fabiano Cortez; Tourinho, Francisco Augusto; Depeyrot, Jérôme; Figueiredo Neto, Antonio Martins--
Sep-2001-Raman spectroscopy as a powerful technique in the characterization of ferrofluidsSousa, Marcelo Henrique; Rubim, Joel Camargo; Silva, Jean Clay de Oliveira e; Tourinho, Francisco Augusto--
Sep-2001-Static magneto optical birefringence of New Electric Double Layered Magnetic FluidsDepeyrot, Jérôme; Silva, Geraldo José da; Alves, Cleilton Rocha; Sousa, Eduardo Carvalho; Magalhães, Márcia; Figueiredo Neto, Antônio Martins; Sousa, Marcelo Henrique; Tourinho, Francisco Augusto--
2002-Surface charge density determination in electric double layered magnetic fluidsTourinho, Francisco Augusto; Campos, Alex Fabiano Cortez; Silva, Renata Aquino da; Lara, Maria Cristina Figueiredo Lima e; Silva, Gerlado José da; Depeyrot, Jérôme--
Apr-2009-X-DLVO interactions between Nanocolloidal Magnetic Particles : the quantitative interpretation of the pH-dependent phase diagram of EDL-MFCampos, Alex Fabiano Cortez; Marinho, Epitácio Pinto; Ferreira, M. de A.; Tourinho, Francisco Augusto; Paula, Fábio Luís de Oliveira; Depeyrot, Jérôme--