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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
May-2019-Electrochemistry for biofuels waste valorization: vinasse as a reducing agent for Pt/C and its application to the electrolysis of glycerin and vinasseCrisafulli, Rudy; Amorim, Fernando M. de Lino; Marcionilio, Suzana Maria Loures de Oliveira; Cunha, William Mendes; Araújo, Brenda Roberta Silveira de; Dias, José Alves; Linares León, José Joaquín--
15-Jul-2020-Evaluation of the toxicity reduction of an ionic liquid solutionelectrochemically treated using BDD films with different sp3/sp2ratiosMarcionilio, Suzana Maria Loures de Oliveira; Araújo, Danyelle M.; Nascimento, Thaise de V.; Martínez-Huitlec, Carlos A.; Linares León, José Joaquín--
2014-Performance of a direct glycerol fuel cell using KOH doped polybenzimidazole as electrolyteNascimento, Ana P.; Linares León, José Joaquín--