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May-2012-Estimating cocaine consumption in the Brazilian Federal District (FD) by sewage analysisMaldaner, Adriano Otávio; Schmidt, Luciana L.; Locatelli, Marco Antônio Fernandes; Jardim, Wilson de Figueiredo; Sodré, Fernando Fabriz; Almeida, Fernanda Vasconcelos de; Pereira, Carlos Eduardo B.; Silva, Cristiano M.--
2019-Ten years-snapshot of the occurrence of emerging contaminants in drinking, surface and ground waters and wastewaters from São Paulo state, BrazilMontagner, Cassiana C.; Sodré, Fernando Fabriz; Acayaba, Raphael D.; Vidal, Cristiane; Campestrini, Iolana; Locatelli, Marco Antônio Fernandes; Pescara, Igor Cardoso; Albuquerque, Anjaína F.; Umbuzeiro, Gisela A.; Jardim, Wilson de Figueiredo--
2018-Wastewater-based epidemiology of cocaine in the Brazilian Federal District : spatial distribution, weekly variation and sample preservation strategiesSodré, Fernando Fabriz; Feitosa, Rafael S.; Jardim, Wilson de Figueiredo; Maldaner, Adriano Otávio--