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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
Oct-2016-Dynamics of the woody vegetation of two areas of Cerrado sensu stricto located on different substratesGomes, Letícia; Maracahipes, Leandro; Reis, Simone Matias; Marimon, Beatriz Schwantes; Marimon Júnior, Ben Hur; Lenza, Eddie--
2012-Influence of edaphic variables on the floristic composition and structure of the tree-shrub vegetation in typical and rocky outcrop cerrado areas in Serra Negra, Goiás State, BrazilAbreu, Mariângela Fernandes; Pinto, José Roberto Rodrigues; Maracahipes, Leandro; Gomes, Letícia; Oliveira, Edmar Almeida de; Marimon, Beatriz Schwantes; Marimon Júnior, Ben Hur; Farias, Josenilton de; Lenza, Eddie--
Jul-2015-Post-fire dynamics of the woody vegetation of a savanna forest (Cerradão) in the Cerrado-Amazon transition zoneReis, Simone Matias; Lenza, Eddie; Marimon, Beatriz Schwantes; Gomes, Letícia; Forsthofer, Mônica; Morandi, Paulo Sérgio; Marimon Júnior, Ben Hur; Feldpausch, Ted R.; Elias, Fernando--
Apr-2017-Post-fire resprouting strategies of woody vegetation in the Brazilian savannaSouchie, Fabiane Furlaneto; Pinto, Jose Roberto Rodrigues; Lenza, Eddie; Gomes, Letícia; Santos, Leonardo Maracahipes; Silvério, Divino Vicente--