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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
2020-Hydroxychloroquine in fighting COVID-19 : What led WHO to suspend clinical trial of drug?Pacheco, Thyago José Arruda; Souza, Danielle Galdino de; Faria, Raquel Santos; Andrade, Laise Rodrigues de--
19-Dec-2020-Nano COVID-19 Vaccines: the firsts RNA lipid nanoparticle vaccines being approved from history : reviewPacheco, Thyago José Arruda; Silva, Victor Carlos Mello da; Souza, Danielle Galdino de--
Mar-2021-One year after the WHO alert for Covid-19 : what is next?Pacheco, Thyago José Arruda; Souza, Danielle Galdino de; Borges, Karla Natyara Novais; Pires, Juliana de Oliveira; Fabbrin, Angela Santos Silva; Santos, Pedro Henrique Macedo dos; Borges, Maria Blandina Santos--
2020-Panorama mundial de estudos com a hidroxicloroquina para o tratamento da COVID-19Pacheco, Thyago José Arruda; Souza, Danielle Galdino de; Lima, Luiza Ianny de; Longo, João Paulo Figueiró--
30-Dec-2020-The landscape of nanotechnology strategies against Covid-19 : products and diagnostics, vaccines and treatmentsPacheco, Thyago José Arruda; Silva, Franciéle de Matos da; Souza, Danielle Galdino de; Silva, Victor Carlos Mello da; Faria, Raquel Santos--