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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
28-Oct-2020-Rapid review and meta-meta-analysis of self-guided interventions to address anxiety, depression, and stress during COVID-19 social distancingFischer, Ronald; Bortolini, Tiago; Karl, Johannes Alfons; Zilberberg, Marcelo; Robinson, Kealagh; Rabelo, André Luiz Alves; Gemal, Lucas; Wegerhoff, Daniel; Nguyên, Thi Bảo Trâm; Irving, Briar; Chrystal, Megan; Mattos, Paulo--
21-Jul-201413-Jun-2014Religiosity as a predictor of moral judgment and the effect of social connectedness on forgivenessRabelo, André Luiz AlvesPilati, Ronaldo-
15-Jan-201821-Aug-2017The proposal and initial exploration of the connectedness and loneliness model (CLM)Rabelo, André Luiz AlvesPilati, Ronaldo-
Mar-2021-Translation and adaptation of the social connectedness scale to portugueseRabelo, André Luiz Alves; Pilati, Ronaldo--