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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
Jun-2006-Ten years of ElPub : an analysis of its major trendsCosta, Sely Maria de Souza; Medeiros, Marisa Bräscher Basílio; Madeira, Fabyola; Schiessl, Marcelo--
2002-The development of a truly electronic scholarly journal in a developing country : challenges, difficulties, and accomplishmentsCosta, Sely Maria de Souza; Lazarte, Leonardo; Moreira, Ana Cristina; Simeão, Elmira--
Jun-2003-The diversity of trends, experiences and approaches in electronic publishing : evidences of a paradigm shift on communicationCosta, Sely Maria de Souza; Moreira, Ana Cristina--
2000-The impact of computer usage on scholarly communication among social scientistsCosta, Sely Maria de Souza; Meadows, Jack--
9-Sep-2010Oct-1999The impact of computer usage on scholarly communication amongst academic social scientistsCosta, Sely Maria de SouzaMeadows, Arthur Jack-
May-1999-The use of the internet and the democratisation of information : the Brazilian experienceCosta, Sely Maria de Souza--
Jun-2007-Towards an ontology of ElPub/SciX: a proposalCosta, Sely Maria de Souza; Duque, Cláudio Gottschalg--