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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
Oct-2001-Blood-sucking lice may disseminate Trypanosoma cruzi infection in baboonsArgañaraz, Enrique Roberto; Hubbard, Gene B.; Ramos, Larissa Acosta; Ford, Allen L.; Nitz, Nadjar; Leland, Michelle M.; Vandeberg, John L.; Teixeira, Antonio Raimundo Lima Cruz--
Feb-2001-Emerging Chagas Disease : trophic network and cycle of transmission of Trypanosoma cruzi from palm trees in the AmazonTeixeira, Antonio Raimundo Lima Cruz; Monteiro, Pedro Sadi; Rebêlo, José Manuel Macário; Argañaraz, Enrique Roberto; Vieira, Daniela; Pires, Liana Lauria; Nascimento, Rubens José do; Vexenat, Cássia A.; Silva, Antônio Rafael da; Ault, Steven Kenyon; Costa, Jackson Mauricio Lopes--
Dec-2006-Hitchhiking Trypanosoma cruzi minicircle DNA affects gene expression in human host cells via LINE-1 retrotransposonBarbosa, Augusto Mello Simões; Argañaraz, Enrique Roberto; Costa, Ana Maria; Rosa, Ana de Cassia Oliveira Cardoso; Alves, Nivaldo Pereira; Louvandini, Patricia; D'Souza-Ault, Marian; Nitz, Nadjar; Sturm, Nancy R.; Nascimento, Rubens José do; Teixeira, Antonio Raimundo Lima Cruz--
May-2000-Persistent infections in chronic Chagas’ disease patients treated with anti-Trypanosoma cruzi nitroderivativesBraga, Maria do Socorro Costa Oliveira; Pires, Liana Lauria; Argañaraz, Enrique Roberto; Nascimento, Rubens José do; Teixeira, Antonio Raimundo Lima Cruz--
Sep-1999-Integration of Trypanosoma cruzi kDNA minicircle sequence in the host genome may be associated with autoimmune serum factors in chagas disease patientsBarbosa, Augusto Mello Simões; Barros, Ana Maria; Nitz, Nadjar; Argañaraz, Enrique Roberto; Teixeira, Antonio Raimundo Lima Cruz--
2000-Current millennium biotechniques for biomedical research on parasites and host-parasite interactionsTeixeira, Antonio Raimundo Lima Cruz; Barbosa, Augusto Mello Simões; Faudry, Eric; Lozzi, Silene de Paulino; Argañaraz, Enrique Roberto; D'Souza-Ault, Marian; Santana, Jaime Martins de--