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Issue DateData de defesaTitleAuthor(s)Orientador(es)Coorientador(es):
2009-Short-term preservation of canine preantral follicles : effects of temperature, medium and timeLopes, Cláudio Afonso Pinho; Santo, Regiane Rodrigues dos; Celestino, Juliana Jales de Hollanda; Melo, Mônica Aline Parente; Chaves, Roberta Nogueira; Campello, Claudio Cabral; Silva, José Roberto Viana; Báo, Sônia Nair; Jewgenow, Katarina; Figueiredo, José Ricardo de--
Apr-2012-Progesterone and follicle stimulating hormone interact and promote goat preantral follicles survival and development in vitroLima-Verde, Isabel Bezerra; Matos, Maria Helena Tavares de; Celestino, Juliana Jales de Hollanda; Rossetto, Rafael; Name, Khesller Patrícia Olázia; Báo, Sônia Nair; Campello, Claudio Cabral; Figueiredo, José Ricardo de--
2008-Preservation of bovine preantral follicle viability and ultra-structure after cooling and freezing of ovarian tissueCelestino, Juliana Jales de Hollanda; Santos, Regiane Rodrigues dos; Lopes, Cláudio Afonso Pinho; Martins, Fabrício Sousa; Matos, Maria Helena Tavares; Melo, Mônica Aline Parente; Báo, Sônia Nair; Rodrigues, Ana Paula Ribeiro; Silva, José Roberto Viana; Figueiredo, José Ricardo de--
2004-Morphological and ultrastructural analysis of sheep primordial follicles preserved in 0.9% saline solution and TCM 199Matos, Maria Helena Tavares de; Andrade, Evelyn Rabelo; Lucci, Carolina Madeira; Báo, Sônia Nair; Silva, José Roberto Viana; Santos, R.R.; Ferreira, Marcos Antônio Leal; Costa, Sonia Helena Furtado; Celestino, Juliana Jales de Hollanda; Figueiredo, José Ricardo de--