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Título: Skin model and some processing properties of a drilling simulation in the abdominal
Autor(es): Colón, Diego
Rosa, Suélia de Siqueira Rodrigues Fleury
Oliveira, Danilo S.
Balthazar, José M.
Reis, Célia Aparecida dos
Assunto: Perfuração abdominal
Bond Graph
Data de publicação: Set-2015
Editora: International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science (IJAERS)
Referência: COLÓN, Diego et al. Skin model and some processing properties of a drilling simulation in the abdominal. International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science (IJAERS), Jaipur, v. 2, n. 9, p. 50-55, set. 2015. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 7 maio 2018.
Abstract: We know that the skin is a complex organ, and there is a need to measure the complex mechanical properties of the human skin by means of a mathematical representation capable of simulating the deformations that occur during the movements of the body and surgical procedures. We propose for this modeling an analogy between: a) resistance represented by the shock absorber, in this study the modeling will be based on the compression cycle, which occurs once the needle is inserted in the skin, compressing it; b) elasticity given by a spring with a rigidity k; and c) mass, which in turn constitutes the systems inertia resistance to displacement. With the proposed analysis of skin perforation we aim to obtain a model by relating the force applied by the needle to its velocity in the hypodermis. The results shows the steps outlined to convert the analogous system of human skin into a liaison graph, Bond Graph. As discussed by the authors, all data concerning skin are embedded in uncertainty, due especially to the following factors: spatial distribution of the organ, build and dimensions of the individual and lack of specific literature. The skin was thus modeled through a methodology based on the comparison between the real system and a model of the real system. This paper shows the mechanical model that represents skin and the injection in a procedure of abdominal perforation.
Licença: International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science (IJAERS) - This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License (CC BY SA 4.0). Fonte: Acesso em: 7 maio 2018.
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